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Phoenix Eleven Capital

We source investment and empower entrepreneurs giving them the tools to operate in the world we now live in. Founded in 2019, Phoenix Eleven Capital is on a mission to discover and match entrepreneurs with funders using our human touch.


Venture Capital

Our one-of-a-kind incubator equips existing businesses with an accelerator-styled approach focussing on People, API, DATA  & Ai strategy onboarding. Through our venture vehicle, Phoenix Eleven Capital, we have the opportunity to rapidly catalyse and identify more investment opportunities at a timely, cost-effective, and optimum stage of idea development. By working with local entrepreneurial partners, we will be able to provide first mover advantage and unique access to capital to establish the business ecosystem of the future.


What we do

Through our UK based subsidiary Niken Ltd, we guide businesses through a step by step process of realising their full potential.


We take an existing business back to its roots. 


People Strategy

Digital Strategy

API Strategy

Data Strategy

AI Strategy


We create a startup mentality for business process delivery and implementation.


Data driven insights for delivery of first to market solutions.


We have curated world leading investment partners and products.

Whether you are looking for venture capital or to invest.

Stocks. Bonds. Commodities. Crypto Assets.

Amanah Group Holdings

Amanah Group Holdings B.V. is a European based, Shariah compliant, Digital investment bank. The bank acts as the investment branch of the first and oldest Islamic Government Bank in the world, Al-Amanah Islamic investment Bank situated in the Republic of the Philippines.
Amanah is the Arabic word for TRUST and more so fulfilling and upholding TRUST from a moral viewpoint and a word we have institutionalized into our system.


Ophir (OPR) is a decentralized digital asset backed by one (1) gram of physical gold per unit, allowing global and peer-to peer gold transactions between individuals, merchants and institutions through blockchain technology.


Crypto Basket

We offer our clients professional, trusted advice, helping you to understand the full potential of your crypto assets - building and managing a diverse portfolio designed around maximum growth.

Investment Partners



Glass Buildings



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